Martin Kreidl and Barbora Hubatková published article in Journal of Divorce and Re-marriage

13 Feb 2018

The article Rising Rates of Cohabitation and the Odds of Repartnering: Does the Gap Between Men and Women Disappear? by Martin Kreidl and Barbora Hubatková has been published in Journal of Divorce and Re-marriage. Czech data from the Generation and Gender Survey are used in the article.

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Men are more likely to repartner than women. This pattern might reflect gender disparities in barriers to repartnering. When rates of cohabitation increase, the gender disparity might shrink, as cohabitation is a less institutionalized form of coresidential partnership and therefore has lower entry barriers in comparison to marriage. Using event-history models applied to Czech data from the Generations and Gender Survey, we show that the odds of repartnering were indeed higher among men than among women in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. No significant change in the gender effect, however, was found. Similarly, the analysis revealed no change in the effect of gender on the odds of entering cohabitation rather than marriage.

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